From Cogknit to Light: 8 deep tech Indian start-ups to watch out for

Target has worked with 22 Indian start-ups across four batches so far, and the reason why it has grown bullish now is the track record, says Rakesh Mishra, VP of marketing for Target.

These successes prompted Target to pick more start-ups – each of them with unique capabilities that are relevant to global retailers like Target.



Cogknit applies machine learning to text, speech, and computer vision.

You get to pick a unique hashtag for a product that can then be used across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. As soon as users comment on the post, a chatbot pops in and guides them to buy the product right there.


Cognitifai uses computer vision to index and make sense of physical world phenomena. Imagine a shelf stacked with mineral water bottles. A guest picks one from the lot. Through computer vision, Cognitifai can deduct one bottle from the store’s inventory.


Streamoid milks image recognition technology to squeeze out product and style information from pictures that it feeds to its AI engine and produces contextual and personalised results for fashion shopping.


Light Information Systems has built a product called Light NLPBots that can decipher the meaning of text and images and helps businesses automate interactions.


Moonraft has created an AI-powered shopping assistant for trial rooms and is “working towards advancing human experiences across the digital and physical”.


AI start-up vPhrase takes in dry boring data and translates it to narrative English for easy digestion.

From Cogknit to Light: 8 deep tech Indian start-ups to watch out for


Hyperworks uses AI, imaging, and product design to solve business problems within the fresh produce industry. Imagine a self-checkout counter that can scan your apples and say what variety they are.


From Cogknit to Light: 8 deep tech Indian start-ups to watch out for

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