Mumbai cops register FIR against AIB for insulting PM Modi in tweet

Comedy group, All India Bakchod (AIB) is once again in trouble for their latest joke and this time it is something on PM Narendra Modi. The group posted an image of PM Modi’s lookalike at a railway station along with a photo of the PM with a Snapchat dog filter, captioned #wanderlust on Twitter. There was instant outrage on this. As a result, AIB deleted its post after being ‘roasted’ on Twitter.


Tanmay Bhatt, one of the members of the AIB group, then tweeted in response to the trolling. Congress leaders also condemned the group. They called the AIB group as ‘coward’ for refraining from making fun of Modi.

Tanmay Bhat and Rohan Joshi (another member of AIB group) also responded to the Congress leaders tthrough their tweets. Bhat clarified that he will continue to make similar jokes and also delete them when required to save himself from legal trouble.


This is not the first time that AIB has fallen into such a controversy. Last year, Tanmay Bhat of AIB sparked a controversy when he posted a video by using snap chat filters to replace his face with Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, a clip that many found insulting.

Earlier, Christian organisations were also irked by AIB for hurting their religious sentiments and demanded action against those associated with its programme. They protested against some statements in AIB show pertaining to Jesus and the Church. After this, members of AIB met the Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay and offered an unconditional apology to the entire Christian community.

Mumbai cops register FIR against AIB for insulting PM Modi in tweet

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