Daily change in petrol, diesel prices: Here’s how to check the rate via SMS

Amid protests by dealers on the daily price revision of petrol and diesel, state-run Indian Oil Corporation has claimed that it will ensure the best possible prices to customers.

According to the companies, dealers will ensure price update at their fuel stations before start of sale, every day. Updated prices will be immediately exhibited at all petrol pumps for information of the public. “For their convenience and assurance, customers would be able to fetch daily updated prices of petrol and diesel at all cities through IndianOil’s mobile app – Fuel@IOC. Alternatively, customers may cross-check the prices applicable in their cities by sending SMS RSP<SPACE>DEALER CODE to 92249-92249,” the statement added. Protesting against the move to have daily pricing, dealer groups had called for “no-purchase” starting from June 16.


It claimed that extensive training of dealers will be held to ensure that customers do not face any pricing misinformation or glitches. “All the 26,000 Indian Oil dealers will be given timely information on the effective prices at a pre-designated time – say 20:00 hrs for the next day. At a large number of IndianOil’s 10,000 automated Fuel Stations, the daily price can be automatically updated centrally, besides technology also provides to schedule the price change at 00:00 hours,” it added. At the non-automated petrol pumps, dealers would get the updated price by way of four means: customized SMSs, e-Mails, mobile app and web portals.


Daily change in petrol, diesel prices: Here’s how to check the rate via SMS

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