Protester tries to storm stage, Trump calls him ISIS supporter

A protester tried to storm the stage while Donald Trump was speaking at a rally in the US state of Ohio but the Republican presidential front-runner brushed aside the latest incident of chaos at his events saying the man was “probably” an ISIS supporter.

The incident that took place yesterday in Dayton city of Ohio came a day after Trump cancelled his campaign rally in Chicago citing security concerns after hundreds of people gathered at the arena to protest against his “politics of hatred” and scuffled with his supporters in the largest-ever demonstration against the real estate tycoon.

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“He (the protestor) should be in jail. This guy is probably an Islamic State (ISIS) supporter. They (the court) let him go. Our court has to get tougher and smarter,” Trump told his supporters in the Kansas City of Missouri last night.

Trump was referring to the incident in the morning when an individual tried to jump on to the stage and probably rush towards him to harm, before a battery of secret service agents got hold of him and cordoned off Trump.

A few minutes later the Republican presidential front-runner continued with his speech. Protestors have been following Trump’s rallies like a shadow, which is unprecedented in the American political election campaigns history.

Yesterday at Kansas — his last of the three rallies of the day where the protests continued — he warned that he would start charging the protestors.

“These people should be in jail. Then their lives is going to be ruined,” he said.

“Arrest her,” Trump asked the police when a woman started protested against him in the middle of his speech in Kansas.

The billionaire said the protestors in Dayton who tried to harm him was either a ISIS supporter
or was part of it.

Referring to the information available on the internet, searched by his team, Trump alleged that there are enough evidence in this regard like burning American flags.

The protestor who was produced before a local court was let off.

Trump opposed the protester being let off and claimed that such a dangerous person should be in jail.

“He is not in love of the country,” Trump said.

While reiterating that he would follow the law, Trump, at a rally, said that he is in favour of water boarding.

“It works,” he said.

“I am a non-violent person,” Trump said as he explained to the cheering crowd as to why he was for strong stand against terrorist groups.

A significantly large part of his Kansas meeting was devoted on the protestors, as one after another a series of people popped up chanting slogans against him.
They were being taken out one by one. Trump alleged that

these were supporters of Bernie Sanders — the Democratic presidential candidate — and to a lesser extent those of its front runner Hillary Clinton.

“Get them out of here. Get them out. I think they are Bernie supporters. A little bit less Hillary,” he said.

In view of the strong protest in Chicago and the incident in Dayton, security in and around Trump has been increased. There is greater security and vigilance at all Trump rallies.

In Kansas, the Trump campaign announced that there is a designated place for protesters outside the venue and asked supporters not to harm any protesters.

Even Trump asked the police to be gentle with them. “My people are great. These people are the problem. We love our police. They do such a great job. We do not want to hurt the protesters folks. We do not want to hurt protesters,” he said as his speech was interrupted by one of the protesters.

Trump also asked the law enforcement agencies to get him out. There are thousands of people outside trying to get inside and these people are occupying this place.

“These are disruptors. These are all disruptors. These are garbage folks,” he said.

Trump claimed that he would be able to easily beat Hillary Clinton, who is widely believed would be able to get the Democratic party presidential nominee. Defending his decision to cancel the Chicago rally as part of his effort to prevent any large scale violence or harm, Trump said this shows how one can take good decisions under pressure.

Trump is currently leading in polls and so far has won 14 States and has the maximum number of delegates (460) followed by Senator Ted Cruz (367) and Marco Rubio (153). To win the party’s presidential nominee, the candidates need to have the support of 1,237 delegates out of a total of 2472 delegates.

Protester tries to storm stage, Trump calls him ISIS supporter

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